University of Minnesota Clinical Psychoacoustics Laboratory
Clinical Psychoacoustics Laboratory
Former Director, Professor Emeritus David A. Nelson, Ph.D.

The Clinical Psychoacoustics Laboratory conducts basic and applied hearing research, specifically aimed at understanding and correcting impaired hearing.

Auditory Analysis and Sensorineural Hearing Loss
The ability to hear changes in sound intensity and frequency is being investigated in "hard of hearing" patients to find ways to improve their sound perception.
Electrically Stimulated Hearing (Cochlear Implants)
Electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve through cochlear implants is being investigated to improve sound perception in deaf patients.

Laboratory Personnel

Heather Kreft, M.A., Scientist
Edward Carney, Ph.D. Research Associate

In Memoriam: Professor W. Dixon Ward, Ph.D., 1924-1996.

This research is funded by grant R01-DC006699 from the National Institute of Deafness and Communication Disorders and from the Lions 5M International Hearing Foundation.

Here is an interesting tutorial on cochlear mechanics created by Boys Town National Research Hospital. Check out the graphics in the "Location of the Cochlea" section of this tutorial.

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